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XEO means: "Innovative ideas that have yet to be discovered; All knowing of what is yet to be discovered." (urbandictionary.com)

XeoDev partners with forward thinking companies on disruptive projects and innovative business models. A solopreneur who wants a strong technology team to expand their industry influence is our ideal client. Our core strength as a software development agency is delivering complex world class technology as web systems and mobile apps that are simple to use. We are a mini accelerator providing development, lean coaching, project management, testing, marketing, and fundraising.

of website visits from mobile device (2015)
iPhones 40% | Android (US 2015)
of CMOs want a mobile app in 3-5 years

The Solopreneur Chef

How should a world class chef build a mobile cooking app,

a) stop cooking and become a tech CEO?

b) keep being a chef and hire XeoDev?

I choose Xeodev

Orlando Florida Web Software Development Company

web development

New projects use: Laravel, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap, Mandrill hosted on AWS and secured by StackPath.

We also have active projects utilizing: Cloudflare, Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, ASP.NET, Sharepoint and more.

Code is always safe in bitbucket or github and testing is done on a staging subdomain before pushing live.

mobile apps

We build engaging native apps for iOS and Android connected to our REST API and Bootstrap Admin portals.

We also have active projects utilizing: IoT Beacons, WebRTC, MLS, Cordova, Swift and more.

When building an MVP, decision #1 to maximize early stage learning: build web first or app first?

digital marketing

Paying customers are the reason for starting a business. We help you acquire customers and engage with customers.

We have built enagement using: SEO, SEM, SMM, DFP ads, Email Drip Campaigns and even books.

The difference between 1 million and 10 million is a zero. zero means nothing. xeo isn't scared of zero.

business coaching

Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of our agency. We focus on partnerships and maximize team dynamics applying Getting Things Done.

Think of us as a mini accelerator taking ideas from MVP to Funded using Trello for both Lean Startup and Growth Hacking.

Always set aside at least 50% of business investment for the business.

Orlando Florida Web and Software Development Company

Located in Orlando Florida, XeoDev builds web and mobile technology for a businesses both big and small. Many of our clients started with us having only an idea and needing an MVP. Its a joy to see those sites and apps with live customers and now our projects are about increasing usability and connecting with more APIs. A breed apart, our agency offers both business coaching and professional services as well as coding and technical services.

On the business side we apply Lean Startup principles and Agile Development practices using Trello to quantify and measure action in real time. On the technical side we build on either the preferred stack of the client or on a Laravel PHP framework providing secure REST APIs to mobile apps and admin panels replete with Wordpress or other marketing site and email campaigns.

Please choose us for your website and mobile app needs

Mark Ahrens Mark Ahrens

“Xeodev made our product "Mr. Sorter" amazing! Xeodev’s creative use of the most modern programing techniques linked with their creative thinking is simply genius. David and his team have taken our software solution to a level of sophistication and functionality that we did not even dream of when we first started. I would recommend David and Xeodev to anyone looking for an inspired software package."
- Mark Ahrens, CEO Landmark Software

John Mansour John Manseur

“I worked with Xeodev on a website project that was a bit complicated, for my Coptic Basketball Tournament, in 2014. They did a great job listening to what I was looking for and delivered it in a great time. I would hire Ramy and his team again, and I highly recommend his service.”
- John Mansour, Director of SUSL Tournament

Patrick Mathern Patrick Mathern

“What sets XeoDev apart from others is their attention to detail and their responsiveness. Hiring tech help is often a frustrating experience fraught with miscommunication. Not the case with XeoDev - emails are always answered quickly and they make time to take my calls, even when I know they have a lot of other projects going on simultaneously. In addition, it's refreshing that XeoDev speaks "business" just as well as they speak "tech." They realize that their services are an investment that businesses expect to earn a return on and they help keep an eye on the bottom line. I would recommend XeoDev without hesitation.”
- Patrick Mathern, President of 23 Degrees Consulting

Some Favorite Technologies

That we use every day

Trello Screenshot
Trello - Project Management

We've been using Trello as our project management tool since we opened our agency. This lightning fast tool enables us to create and manage actions in real time. Converations over email or Slack are just discussions. Converting that discussion into specific Trello cards with checklists and assigning them to one owner creates clear delegations.
Update Jan 9, 2016 - Congrats to Trello who was acquired by Atlassian and will continue to operate normally.


Font Awewsome Screenshot
Font Awesome

Font Awesome is one of the best updates to modern web design. This started the icon font movement that now standardizes common icons and provides them in a simple to use CSS format that works like a normal font. Gone are the days of paying a graphic artist to draw or recolor an icon. Page load speed is dramatically improved and its updated all the time.


Stack Path Screenshot
Stackpath WAF

Born out of MaxCDN and built to compete with Cloudflare, Stackpath offers the best Web Application Firewall (WAF) in a package that is affordable for small businesses. Their full featured WAF provides security from SQL Injection and DDOS but what sets it apart is the zero day updates that can identify and repel new attacks the day they appear. No more waiting for the heartbleed patch to be applied by the sysadmin.


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