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What is a Xeo?

How to Xeo?

"Xeo: Innovative ideas that have yet to be discovered; All knowing of what is yet to be discovered" - Urban Dictionary


We always double check Urban Dictionary while researching a brand name. Sometimes the definition on Urban Dictionary causes that brand name to be discarded. Not in this case. We absolutely love how well the definition describes who we are and what we love to do. If you can hold your peace while in the chaos which surrounds... More

Nginx Logo

Should I use Nginx vs Apache?

"I didn't switch to Nginx until I understood how it handled virtual hosts" - Xeo

What are Nginx and Apache?

Both Nginx and Apache are web servers which host your website on the server. They can also serve API and mobile applications. Nginx goes a little further and can be a proxy, in fact it is used in CloudFlare and provides some of the clever features. Fundamentally a web server reads the web site code from the disk and returns it to the web browser, potentially caching along the way. Each subdomain.domain.com ... More

Scalability is a critical part of future proofing

What is Application Scalability?

"Your site needs to scale, when it needs to scale" - Xeo

What is Scalability Anyway?

Scalability is the ability to scale with the current site or app usage. Scaling up is done by throwing hardware at the problem, however this means spending more money to the hosting company than is needed. Scaling out is the process of adding capacity where it is needed with the flexibility to alter that capacity during faster and slow periods. AWS Elastic Beanstalk is a classic example of a scale out solution; the beanstalk know... More

XeoDev Earns 5-Star Overall Rating on Clutch

XeoDev Earns 5-Star Overall Rating on Clutch

We offer full-service development for web apps, mobile apps, and software solutions. Our mission is to provide our partners with new technology that will give them a competitive advantage in their field. We look for clients who will turn into long-term partners. With decades of experience, we bring new solutions to the table to make our partners more successful. Because we back up our promises, Clutch has named us one of th... More

Synapse Summit - connecting technology companies

Synapse Summit in Tampa

We attended the Synapse Summit in Tampa this year. What an amazing event. Met a lot of really interesting people and companies. Tampa definitely seems to be a few steps ahead of Orlando in terms a mature startup ecosystem with available financing.

As an impressive followup there is a Synapse community forum. If you are on there, please connect with us. Looking forward ... More

Now or Later - tasty candy guide to shipping on time

Now or Later - Agile Feature Proritization

As a child of the 80s, I've eaten a lot of Now and Later's. These candies are sold in a big package so you can have some now and still have some later. Nice play on words. I remember many times trying to eat too many of them at once and getting sick. I learned to save more for later.

A lot of our new clients have an amazing idea and a short deadline. As we start working together the joint creative proce... More

Xeodev Among Top Orlando Developers by Clutch.co

Xeodev Among Top Orlando Developers by Clutch.co

Clutch.co has taken on a huge project to survey a tremendous number of technology agencies across the nation. They have completed their survey and summarized their findings in an April 2018 report. We recognize that it is truly difficult to find the right agency to work with and found this report to be helpful even for ourselves.

Here is an excellent summary of the clu... More

v2.1 website blog of xeodev

Xeodev Site v2.1

We took a breath to update our own site after a busy first half of 2018 and specifically to reflect on the recent and favorable clutch.co announcements. The updated site includes a lot more portfolio items and a new services page using a fun flip technique from Dave Walsh's Blog. Once we got the content updated, we spent considerable time working on getting a high GTMetrix score and are happy to have a rating consistently over 90 on both PageSpeed and YSlow. That was a lot of fiddley wo... More

secure your website with the Stackpath WAF screenshot

Stackpath WAF SSL SNI Patch

Got our api key for Stackpath and configured the origin and connected the HTTPS bridge and kept getting failures. The technical team at Stackpath dug into the issue and discovered an issue supporting SNI SSL certs. After pushing that fix to all their servers, the problem was solved. It feels nice to be part of the solution to help another company improve their technology. Part of being on the bleeding edge. About Stackpath - Stackpath is a new company formed by merging MaxCDN and a few other security focused companies together. They offer an amazing Web Application Firewall (WAF) with so... More