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College Fit Finder Screenshot

College Fit Finder

Client: College Fit Finder
Case Study: College Fit Finder Redesign Case Study
Tech: PHP, MySQL, Stripe, AWS, Cloudflare, Trello, Agile, Font Awesome, Bootstrap

College Fit Finder is a comprehensive solution for high school athletes to provide an online presence to aid them in getting noticed and recruited by college coaches. This subscription SaaS model tracks everything from vertical jump to email communications and is adding more all the time.

Have a complex user profile and communication site? Let us help you.

Spendlogic Screenshot


Client: Spendlogic
Tech: Laravel, PHP, MySQL, AWS, Cloudflare, Trello, Agile, Font Awesome, Bootstrap

Spendlogic is designed to help the defense industry be compliant with FAR 15.404 regulations. Required significantly higher security protocols and protections. Ground up startup applying Lean Startup principles. Actively in use among top rated defense contractors.

Birdie Club Screenshot

Birdie Club

Client: Birdie Club
Tech: Laravel, PHP, MySQL, AWS

Birdie Club is a ground breaking new platform to organize and manage local golf clubs. The founder had been running a local golf club for several years and saw his players up their golf game substantially: playing 80% more rounds and lowering their handicaps. This MVP project was to convert away from a complex set of spreadsheets. The upcoming version will enable additional local golf clubs to manage their own league play.

Mantra Studio Screenshot

Mantra Studio

Client: Mantra Studio
Tech: Laravel, PHP, MySQL, AWS
App: Google Play Store LinkiOS App Store Link

Mantra Studio is a meditation app for both Android and iOS. What makes this app stand out is the exceptional recording quality. The recordings are made on site with experts at extremely high fidelity to bring that moment into the app. Token system built to manage track purchases. Albums being added all the time.

Kids Eat Free Screenshot

Kids Eat Free

Client: Kids Eat Free
Tech: Drupal, PHP, MySQL, Laravel, AWS, Cloudflare, Trello, Agile, Bootstrap

Kids Eat Free is the premiere dining club for families traveling to Orlando and Anaheim to experience great food at affordable prices. This project included a design refresh using active card flips to express more about each restaurant without clicking into the detail pages.

FoFFit Screenshot


Client: Friends and Friends of Friends
Tech: PHP, Bootstrap

Foffit looks to make renting your space safer by allowing you to limit who you rent to. Initially limiting to friends or friends of friends, the idea is that you know them and someone you know can vouch for them. This is a growing niche in the AirBnB space.

Domain Homes Screenshot

Domain Homes

Client: Domain Homes
Tech: PHP, Wordpress, Bootstrap, AWS

This local home builder needed surgery on their home listings codebase. Xeodev rose to the challenge and upgraded the home listing software and currently manages their AWS presence.

Skyline Animal Hospital Screenshot

Skyline Animal Hospital

Client: Skyline Animal Hospital
Tech: Drupal, PHP, Bootstrap

This site enables Skyline Animal Hospital to schedule vet appointments, refill prescriptions, reserve boarding times at the pet hotel. This even handles annual membership programs for pet owners to save on services as premium members.

Bishop Youssef Mobile App Screenshot

Bishop Youssef Mobile App

Client: Bishop Youssef
Tech: Drupal, PHP, Bootstrap, Android App, Swift
App: Google Play Store LinkiOS App Store Link

The Bishop Youssef App is a mobile application that contains a vast and expanding collection of Bishop Youssef’s body of work, spanning more than two decades of books, sermons, letters and other resources.

MP Pharmacy Screenshot

MP Pharmacy

Client: MP Pharmacy
Tech: Wordpress

The cool part about the MP Pharmacy site is how easy it is to use the custom Rx transfer and Rx refill forms to managee your prescriptions.

O-Meds - Android eMAR App Screenshot

O-Meds - Android eMAR App

Client: O-Meds
Tech: ASP .NET, Android App
App: Google Play Store Link

O-Meds is a one stop solution for prescription management in a nursing home. You've seen Grandma's pill box and she's the healthy one. Now imagine pills for 100 patients and give them at the right time. In its spare time O-Meds also reorders the medication as it runs low.

Available today for nursing homes and other care centers nationwide.
Need a medical app for Android or iPhone? Let us help you.

MrSorter - Legal Case Management Screenshot

MrSorter - Legal Case Management

Client: MrSorter
Tech: PHP, MySQL, AWS, Font Awesome, Bootstrap

Tracking medical records in the cloud makes it much easier to find specific doctor notes and important pages. Share with the lawyer down the hall or invite a lawyer or expert witness across the country. The unique chronology view provides a clear timeline of the case.

Now available for law firms nationwide.

Ramy Adly - Musician Site Screenshot

Ramy Adly - Musician Site

Client: Ramy Adly
Tech: Wordpress, PayPal

Hello i am Ramy Adly, speaking from Orlando Florida. one of my dreams to spread the Oud experience all around America, and to blend it within the american culture. there are several ways you can learn the oud, through school of oud online no matter you are a beginner or an advanced student, or no matter what your age to learn the oud either one-on-one, or remotely via skype, all what you have to do, just follow the link below. Thanks for watching, and best of luck. Ramy Adly

ASuggestion - Anonymous Social Media Screenshot

ASuggestion - Anonymous Social Media

Client: ASuggestion
Tech: PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, Android App
App: Google Play Store Link

ASuggestion is designed to anonymously report things around us that get under our skin. Have you seen something that needs to be changed but you're not sure how to be that change you want to see? This social network will help you get it done

Currently engaging with forward thinking HR teams.

Other Projects

Orange Avenue - Contractor Screenshot

Orange Avenue - Contractor
Tech: Wordpress, AWS

Chiropractor Boards - Exams Screenshot

Chiropractor Boards - Exams
Tech: PHP, Android App, Swift

First One 4 Cash - Online Loans Screenshot

First One 4 Cash - Online Loans

Deer Defence - eCommerce Site Screenshot

Deer Defence - eCommerce Site
Tech: Joomla, PayPal

SUBSL Coptic Soccer League Screenshot

SUBSL Coptic Soccer League
Tech: Joomla, PayPal