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October 24, 2022 | XEO

"There is no reason and no way that a human mind can keep up with an artificial intelligence machine by 2035." - Xeo

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is an emerging field in which we've seen tremendous growth over the past decade. Modern artificial intelligence goes beyond studying what machines can do and uses it for real-world projects. In software development, artificial intelligence supercharges every step of the process and provides unique features for the finished products. With artificial intelligence, we can iterate faster and provide our clients with an edge.

What New Services Will XeoDev Offer?

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing focuses on modeling human thought, which is useful in the testing phase and for certain software features. The cognitive computing aspect of artificial intelligence is like having multiple human brains capable of independent analysis available.

Cognitive computing changes how XeoDev serves clients. Now, each project can take advantage of cognitive computing for faster and more thorough testing without needing to pull together testing groups. Plus, we can incorporate cognitive learning within applications.

Machine Learning

Machine learning allows for more flexible processes, faster development, and adaptation once clients deploy their new software.

Machine learning focuses more on problem-solving options for artificial intelligence rather than mimicking humans. With machine learning, we can create adaptive algorithms that respond to varied inputs for software, which is especially helpful for companies that want to deploy the software long term. Machine learning is a versatile tool for software.

Natural Language Processing

Depending on the intended uses of the software, adding natural language processing can enhance the experience for every user. Using natural language processing can also free up client resources for other projects and streamline customer service operations. Natural language processing has many uses, all of which extend client software's life and usefulness. These extended uses ensure clients can use the software for years to come with proper maintenance.


Customer service is critical in every industry, and chatbots offer an efficient option for many companies. However, creating a chatbot that serves customers without annoying them can pose a challenge for companies as they scale and need customer service resources elsewhere. Custom chatbots that use natural language processing offer a unique opportunity, no matter where they're deployed. A well-designed chatbot quickly becomes an invaluable sales tool on each platform, from websites to social media.

XeoDev's Commitment to Clients

At XeoDev, we believe everything starts with an idea. Our Orlando, FL office is full of people whose passion is taking these ideas and turning them into high-performing pieces of software clients rely on for years to come. With the addition of artificial intelligence expertise, our Orlando, FL office can better serve more clients with unique needs and ideas. We look forward to designing and implementing client software that reaches for the future with every keystroke. Contact XeoDev today to see how we can supercharge your software development.

About XeoDev

During the post mortem meeting on the release one of the client partners raise this high compliment for the XeoDev co-founders: 'David contributed as if he were a founder of our company, not as a vendor; and I really respect that.' That sums up our intended relationship model: we would like to be your technology partner and bring that founder mindset into your business to deliver complex redesign projects together. XeoDev provides SaaS and Mobile Android and iOS App platforms for companies ranging from solopreneurs to unicorns. When you need this type of technology for your business get started by requesting a quote.