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Jun 10, 2018 | XEO

After a busy first half of 2018, we took a moment to update our company website and celebrate recent positive announcements from http://clutch.co . Our revamped site now showcases an expanded portfolio and a new services page featuring an engaging flip technique inspired by Dave Walsh's Blog. With the content in place, we dedicated significant effort to optimizing our site for a high GTMetrix score.

The added portfolio items provide a more comprehensive look at our work, while the new services page offers clients a fresh and interactive experience. By incorporating Dave Walsh's flip technique, we aim to create a dynamic and memorable presentation of our offerings. Our commitment to achieving a high GTMetrix score demonstrates our dedication to providing visitors with an efficient and seamless browsing experience.

These updates reflect our ongoing pursuit of excellence and are indicative of the value we place on delivering quality to both current and potential customers. We're excited for users to explore these enhancements and look forward to continued success throughout the rest of 2018.

We are proud to maintain a consistent rating over 90 on both PageSpeed and YSlow. Achieving this required a significant amount of intricate work with mod page speed, Cloudflare, and server tuning. To ensure smooth functionality, I implemented a cron job to touch the pagespeed file every morning to prevent random image drops. This proactive approach allowed me to sustain an exceptional performance level across both platforms. It's the result of rigorous attention to detail and constant monitoring, demonstrating my ability to optimize website speed and efficiency effectively.

Our approach to the website has been hands-on, focusing on showcasing the high standard of work we aim to maintain across all our sites. By taking control of the development ourselves, we are able to exemplify our commitment to quality and attention to detail.

We remain committed to continually evaluating and utilizing additional tools in order to analyze and enhance the site's performance, SEO optimizations, and adherence to industry standards. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our site stands out as a leader in its category and offers an exceptional user experience.

Through our ongoing efforts, we are confident that the website will not only meet but surpass expectations, setting a new standard for excellence within our industry.